A new year for painting!

1/5/2012: Preparing for a successful year of painting does not mean sending away my family to paint every day, (Although there are times when I need to be alone! Ever tried to paint a delicate wash with a four year old asking for a drink?? ) What I am learning from artists who have painted for many decades is that there are many activities that support your painting process…the important thing is to keep practicing, reading, exploring and collecting your own repertoire of art experience. Experiences that involve family can also improve your art.

Painting with my daughter today was so much fun!  I had a chance to practice some techniques suggested by the artist, Arleta Pech. I am fascinated by paint techniques that enhance luminosity. I am experimenting with transparent glazes in oil that mimic the washes of my watercolor paintings. My daughter kept asking questions about my materials as she painted using her new art set.

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