“Cockatiel Condos” ready for auction!

3/17/12: “Cockatiel Condos” a collaboration between Janet and 26 2nd graders. Acrylic and mixed media on canvas. 24″ x 48″.

This was a lot of work and planning. It required a carefully drawn “map” that assigns birdhouse space for each young artist. I love the whimsical and colorful result. I am so intrigued by the possiblities of mod podge and mixed media now. You may see more works in this technique in the near future…


  1. This is really creative. What part did you do and what part did the second graders do?

  2. Hi. I just perused your site and it is very well set up. Tell me, does each young artist decorate their own bird house space?

    I have one suggestion for your site. You should add a tab called “Sketches”. I have seen your sketches and they are fantastic. Like the playground picture you did while sitting for a few minutes at the Coeur d’Alene lakeside park. I bet you have hundreds of these simple sketches to add to the site.

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