Green Mountain Trail

Watercolor. 10.75″ x 15″ request a print at

Huntsville, Alabama

This is a favorite Alabama memory of mine. I hiked the green mountain trail which wound around this little lake. The trail went over this meadow with Speedwell blossoms and into a forest that led to the rustic covered bridge. On either side of the bridge were turtles a little bigger than my hands swimming and diving. It was awfully humid and the bugs were as loud as chain saws! I’m not kidding. One of the most amazing sights was many small movements on the ground near the trail. On closer inspection I discovered them to be many, many tiny brown frogs. They were the cutest little amphibians I have ever seen.

This painting allowed me to practice preservation of white paper to create reflection shapes, tree trunks and directional spaces in my grasses and trees. I kept the top of the trees soft because it reminded me of the humidity.