Painting in progress…

 2/28/2012: People often ask me, “when do you have time to paint?” and truly I don’t know how to answer them. There is never a set time – I can’t plan on regular evenings, mornings are unpredictable and really my schedule is run by lots of little people. Yet somehow I get the practice time in. I run into the time and seize it more often than I schedule it ahead. Today I felt a little ill, wasn’t going out anywhere and the baby took two long naps! Time to paint!

This is a detail from the painting I am currently working on. Boy it is such a “work in progress” right now. I can see a million things I want to do better and change. I am refamiliarizing myself with oil after a long turn with watercolor and every brushstroke teaches me something new. Painting requires persistence and practice!


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